What kind of product you make?/你帶來了什麼產品?

On this wide planet, a job was born and it is to be called the “Product manager”, and believe it or not, this job acts just like the parents of a product.
The parents of a product? Why?! This goes from looking for the needs of consumers, starting and running a huge product line, the specifications of the products, and of course the appearance and the beauty of the design…
You think that’s finished? No no… Finding the right technology and vendor supports is important, along with a variety of professional technical unit to produce prototypes, and one thing is to concern about the cost, end price control and forecast.
Estimate the amount of investment and recovery, trial production, unlimited test experiments and revision, and then real production, packaging design, copy write and instructions.
On time to markets with great quality, product education, all related supports, feedback from the consumers and the market are also just as important.
What comes last and the hardest is that the products has to be famous in the market, it has to be well sold until this product has really come to an end really… So what do you think of this job now? You have to be responsible for either the success or a failure result of the products! Wow.. Imagine that!
Actually, all of those individual steps, I could probably count with five fingers the amount of things I need to get down and really do myself. What I really have to do is to find out what my ‘children’- as in products need at this stage? Hence, finding the right person to work with and create the best outcome together.
The key to this success is to clearly know what this ‘child’ need now and learn to communicate well so those people are willing to make the great success with and for you. In most companies, the owner or the manager is seen as their own product manager, e.g. Steve Jobs – APPLE or even just the owner of a breakfast shop down the road.
I must say this job is one of the superb jobs in this coming 20 years, because it is really not easy to find someone that is so experienced at the same time succeed in this job. The reason is simple – present market is lacking work experiences and practices.
Even if there are enough practices, most of the product managers are based on the OEM fields in Taiwan, because there are too few to be called – Brand.
However, no matter ‘Brands’ or ‘OEM’, the key thing is that most of these product managers tend to forget to be responsible for their products, whether they’ve been in this job for 10 years or 20 years, they are still missing that key part.
So that’s why whenever I receive a business card – Product manager, I’d be curious and observe this person for a while.
So are you a product manager?
In fact, anyone in the society could be their own product manager…
What products are you willing to bring to and for this world?



有一個職務叫做產品經理(Product Manager),這個工作相當於產品的父母親,
所以,關鍵能力與技術其實是:清楚知道這個小孩現在需要什麼 以及 與人溝通與驅使別人願意為你做出結果的能力!!!
在大多數的公司,老闆或總經理自己便是那個產品經理,例如:APPLE的Steve Jobs或是你家巷口早餐店的老闆
所以每當我拿到對方名片頭銜是Product Manager的時候我都會肅然起敬,多觀察一會兒這個人,

Written by aFreer


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