Do the right thing or do what people think is right/做對的事或做大家認為對的事(MOVIE:THE IRON LADY)

Are there a lot of people that runs away from fears and difficulties in this world? Or are there more people who knows how to face the fears and keep on surviving in this world? We all noticed how messy and how indiscriminate euros has brought to the European countries and how they are experiencing an awful lot of difficulties…and because of that, a person who always follows her own rules flipped through our minds, the only female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom – Margaret Hilda Thatcher.
“The iron lady” is a great film that used a flashback narrative way to describe this “dare to be” lady who always adheres to her own thoughts, principles and pursue what she wants to leave for the world just for a better change! I hear a lot of people say how they have their own principles in life, but a lot of them called this principle – “I don’t want it!”  rather than “I want it!”.
In this film, Margret Thatcher once said:
“People don’t think anymore. They feel. One of the great problems of our age is that we are governed by people who care more about feeling than they do about thoughts and ideas.”
Perhaps this is the biggest conflict we need to face before the new era comes – do with feelings or do with thoughts.
When most people focus too much on “I don’t want this… I dislike that…”, it is a big problem, because all they left with would be “a life and world they do not want!”
After all.. What we think, we then become! No?



這個世界上是遇到困難會恐懼逃避找理由的人多? 還是 遇到困難會無懼堅持挺過的人多?
而這部電影正是以倒敘的方式敘述了這位dare to be的女人如何堅持自己的想法與原則與追尋自己想要給地球所留下的一些改變!
“人們現在都不思考了!他們全憑感覺!當代最重大的問題之一就是我們被這樣一群人所統治,他們對於感覺的關心勝過於想法與觀念!(People don’t think any more. They feel. One of the great problems of our age is that we are governed by people who care more about feeling than they do about thoughts and ideas.)”
感覺族 vs 力行族
畢竟!What we think, we then become!不是嗎?

Written by aFreer


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