Extremely loud&incredibly close/Nonstop Looking..Movie:特別响,非常近!

It’s been a long time since I last seen an incredible movie!! Its called “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close”!! 
If the sun is about to explode after eight minutes, you wouldn’t even notice you had that eight minutes, because you need to spend eight minutes to get to the Earth already! In that eight minutes, the Earth is still bright and warm….
But if you knew the sun was going to explode, how would you extend these eight minutes? When facing our surroundings, we always use our grievances side as a motivation to things, we grab a target and we head on to it! Until we’re exhausted! Or even until we really forgive ourselves.
Anyway, all of these life experiences are our stories!! Awesome right?
p.s. kids who grew up in New York are different! They are smart with ambition! I like that!




好久沒有看過這麼棒的電影了 … “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close"!
隨手抓一個目標,然後全力以赴! 直到筋疲力竭! 或是…直到我們真的原諒了自己的時候!
而這一切經歷便是我們人生的每個故事! 真棒!不是嗎?


Written by aFreer


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