This lunch is edible MOM? you SURE?/媽媽我的午餐都燒焦了啦!

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All moms love cooking, but my mom is only familiar with the Asian food, I really hope she knew some Italian, English, French food!!
I’m not sure if it’s a right thought! My mom probably heard my words, she now stays up until 3 or 4am just to try and error those European food, hence! Whatever the result is… it’d be my next day lunch… so whenever I open my lunch box at lunch time, I feel like I am opening a tricky gift hahaha!! Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes…. Well.. you know guys lol
I’m quite happy to be mom’s first customer though, it’s getting better and better!! But she moans about how she always burns the food because she forgets the time!! I wish she told me this problem earlier, I had this egg timer app on my phone for a long time but I just didn’t have a chance to use it!! It’s really simple and straight forward!! So I downloaded for mom!! It will really save her!!! She can do whatever she wants now while she waits for the food!!
To be honest… it really saves me and my stomach too!! Hahahah!!


就在幾天前我下載了 Egg timer 來玩,簡單又直覺的計時器。
立刻驚覺這 App 多適合我娘啊!
所以立刻也給她的 iPhone 3GS 安裝了這款 App,

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