Awkwardness!! Go away!!!/尷尬。OUT~~(小S)

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I’ve recently felt pretty touched by an app on my phone, it’s such a miracle lol… for someone like me who has plenty of cousins, brothers, sisters, some are probably way older than me or way younger than me… it’s rather a mess sometimes haha!!
Oh ! and I hardly meet them! Hahaha! But remembering them and remembering how to call them is as important as those little notes the hosts hold on their hands while they’re in the TV show!!! They can’t forget what to say or ask just like I can’t call the wrong person or not knowing who they are!!
It’s so awkward!!!!! But followed by the great technology era, all these awkward moments are less happening now lol
This app is brilliant!!! I am smart now!!! I make sure I call the right title for the right person now lol





Written by aFreer


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