I travelled through space-time!!!/我穿越時空了!咻!

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I’m very used to the life in England since I grew up there… food, drinks, atmospheres, the environments, everything..!! Also one thing that’s definitely a must need and familiar to me… The first thing I hear when I arrive London airport and sat in the taxi – BBC RADIO!! The first thing I hear when I step in the café for breakfast – BBC RADIO!! The only I hear when the whole class are working in the workshop – BBC RADIO!!
It’s very normal to listen to radio in England for me!! But now I live in Taiwan, I don’t hear those radios anymore… it feels really weird…. Like something is missing in life lol…I’ve always hoped there’s a way for me to flashback the England time although I’m in a different time zone and city now….
My friend introduced me a radio app a while ago, her purpose was to share with me the good music in this app!! But!!! The magic moment happened!! I saw BBC Radio 1 England 98.8!!!!!! It’s the live radio!! God I’m so touched…..!! when I put my headphones on, I felt like I was in London again lol!!! I really miss England!! My home!!!
I’m so proud of the technology!! Such an easy way to fulfill my needs!!!!


從台灣抵達倫敦機場坐上計程車後的 BBC RADIO,
在早餐店播放的 BBC RADIO,
在學校工作室趕工時播放的 BBC RADIO,
睡醒鬧鐘還是 BBC RADIO!!
結果!!我意外的發現!裡面居然有一個 “ BBC Radio 1 England 98.8 ” !

Written by aFreer


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