Have you ever had“weekend”emergency?/ SOS ! 我希望不會再用到它!

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The weather has been so bad these days, even the horrible typhoon dropped by!! Hence! Me! Fever! Too bad.. I slept for two days…
I woke up on Saturday and I couldn’t stop sneezing!! I couldn’t even breathe properly in fact!! The worst thing is I don’t even think any doctors would open at weekends, but I didn’t want to go to hospitals!! Just when I was thinking about whether to go to the emergency or not.. I was also thinking.. how great if there was an app that could just tell us if any of the clinics are open around my house….
….My god!! I was so surprised!! There is actually this app that does this!!! I didn’t expect that at all!!!! Hence I found a clinic that opens near me…. It saved me from going all the way to hospital.. lol
But I don’t wish to see this app again… I never want to get ill again!! Especially at the weekends!!


想說如果有 App 可以記錄假日是否有營業的診所那該有多好。
果不其然還真的有人寫了這樣的 App,於是我就這樣找到家裡附近的診所,
雖然說這個 App 太方便了,但我還是希望有不會用到的一天,

Written by aFreer


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