Lions? Jurrasic park? In my flat?/有獅子在我家!!??想嚇死我呀!

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I tend to use O!care to watch my dogs recently, and it’s so much fun trust me! Even my parents are madly about it!! The only reason that we are doing this is because we miss our dogs too much when we’re away!! I take a lot of pictures of them from O!care app, and I edit it so I can save their cute faces in my phone!! I play with their photos as well sometimes haha… quite hilarious!
Few days ago I captured a photo of them, one was sitting on the sofa, one was lying on the floor! I thought in my mind that I could try this new app I downloaded with this photo!!! Hahahaah! Then I sent it to my parents!!
Something funny happened! Mom was curious and worried!! Hahah! There are two lions on our sofa?!?!??! She asked. Then she calmed down a bit and asked again, where did you buy these big lions??  Hahaha!! It is just an photo edit app mom!! Those aren’t real okay!! Actually, nothing was special about the app, but it really had a great laugh in return, and people loved it lol
But.. would my white dog still feel so calmed and relaxed if she knew there were real lions behind her?? Haha noooo… I don’t think so! Haha!
So guys! Turn your flat into Jurrasic Park now!!!! Go go go !!!


最近都會用公司的監視器 O!care 來看狗狗到底在家裡幹什麼?爸爸媽媽也超喜歡看狗狗的!因為我們不再家,就會很想很想它們!!!
每次我都會把它們從app裡拍照下來!然後編輯照片自己保存呵呵!前兩天我拍到它們兩隻,一隻趴在地下一隻趴在椅子上的畫面,難得那麼乖!我靈機一動,開了我剛下載好的一個相片編輯app – VFX,動了些手腳!發了給我爸媽!媽媽馬上問我!怎麼有獅子在我們沙發上!!還有兩隻!?!?她一開始還真的以為怎麼了,後來想一想問我:你去哪裡買了那麼大隻的獅子玩偶回家?哈哈哈哈!

Written by aFreer


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