Freeman & Life

Extremely loud&incredibly close/Nonstop Looking..Movie:特別响,非常近!


It’s been a long time since I last seen an incredible movie! […]

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13.April.2012 ☀ For those who’s been to Hong Kong you’d know […]

Do the right thing or do what people think is right/做對的事或做大家認為對的事(MOVIE:THE IRON LADY)


Are there a lot of people that runs away from fears and diff […]

The patterns never lie!(TV PROGRAM:TOUCH)


One of my favorite actresses – Kiefer Sutherland from 24 (TV […]

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3.April.2012☀ ☺ I am just curious about something…. Other th […]

Put on too much weight?/我為什麼會發胖?


2.April.2012☀ BANG! News on Earth guys! Have you ever looked […]

Dreams come true or…not/心想事成vs心想事不成


Have you had enough? You think you are what you really are? […]

Freeman and life/Freeman與生活


I am not a Superman nor am I a Spiderman! I am a Freeman! As […]