10 secs!! My iPhone is a Remote!Bravo!/10秒鐘把我的 iPhone 改造成遙控器!

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  • 08 六月 12

I prefer listening to music when I sleep and I am sure a lot of people do that as well!! It really helps me fall asleep lol!! But I have a big issue about my bed being too far away from the computer, so when I want to switch off my music or change to the next song… I actually had to make an effort to get up and walk there!!…. it’s really really annoying!!!! Especially in the winter!!!
I need a remote..!! if you’ve seen the movie “ the click “.. you’d know what I am talking about haha!! But hey!! Last night I found a remote app!! It takes 10 secs to set up on my phone and my iPhone turns to a remote!! I can do whatever I want with the music without getting off my bed!!!!
It’s my every night partner now this remote haha!! I can even hear my music before opening my door when I arrive home from work!! Even when I am in the toilet I can still control the volume!! BRAVO BRAVO!!!
I hope there will be a remote that controls everything in my house like in the movie- “the click” … lol HOPE! Hahah…


自從使用 Remote 程式後,我再也不用離開溫軟的床了!
往後就可以直接使用 iPhone 遙控電腦去播放音樂了。
現在 Remote 已經變成我每天必用的程式了,
想像未來所有家電都可以用 iPhone 控制,那真是太美妙了,哈

Written by aFreer