Birthday presents?! I’ve got a better idea!/送禮物!我有好點子!

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  • 08 六月 12

Have you ever had those moments when you sit on your chair trying to think what to buy for your friend’s birthday? and you just go blank at the end!!! Well, I always have problem with this!!! It’s top 10 problems on my lists haha!
Yes… my friend’s birthday is coming again…. ~~~~
Such a coincidence though!! It happened two days ago!! I saw this app on my phone!! It’s a case app, I was so happy!!! I know what I can buy for her now!!
10 years ago, we all know printing on t-shirts is popular!! 10 years later!! I now see printing on iPhone cases being a popular trend!! It’s made only for you! Uniquely! It’s not cheap… but it surely is very attracting!!
Who wouldn’t want to sit at home and make their own iPhone case? Lol
$27.99 case with $8.5 posting fee, I think a lot of people will fall for this!! Credit cards ready guys?! lol
I’ve designed one for my friend already!! So cute!!! It’s one and only!


幾天前巧遇了這個 Case App,令我大為震驚。



心裡想:「天阿!App 竟然還可以這樣賺錢!?」



誰不想坐在家自己製造一款專屬的 iPhone 殼勒!?


Written by aFreer