Clubbing at home? Come on!!/我家變夜店了,不會被臨檢吧?!

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I used to live in the boarding school when I studied in England, and there really wasn’t much to do apart from having our little parties in our little room shared with 6 girls! We play songs and sometimes play on keyboard just to try get a little bit of the adults’ clubbing atmosphere lol thinking back… it was quite a disaster hahahaha!!!
I had some English friends over two weeks ago, I took them to nice food of course and I also invited them to my house to have a little house party just to flashback our young moments! When everyone was drinking and chatting, I started acting as a DJ!! I got my iPad in hand and wow I played nice tunes seriously! Haha! They loved it! Everyone wanted to have a go on the App and create their own disco tunes!!
I don’t think we no longer need to go to the nightclubs and spend money! We can so do that at home and it still feels the same!
Our own little nightclub! But we got to keep down the noise at midnight lol


當大家喝酒聊天時,我現場DJ了起來!!沒錯!就是拿著我的iPad盡興的玩音樂!給他們來點夜店的氣忿!哈!隨便弄弄節奏都很有feel!!燈關起來還真的像極了小型夜店!那個音樂軟體好像讓大家有更多互動哈哈哈!大家輪流都DJ Solo了一下!超好玩!

Written by aFreer