Count down to your dreams!!/與你一起打拼的倒數計時器!

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  • 10 五月 12

There are times when we make a little wish inside our heart and hopes to make that wish come true in a short while!! But memory lost and laziness sometimes pauses our wish to be done on time lol
Okay it’s nothing to be proud of, but I’ve got something that I really wanted to get it done, but its been …… ages…!! Fix my bike!! I really need to sort that out!! But I refused to work on this by myself, so someone! Something! Must work with me!!
“Nikon dreamcntdown”, just like the name huh, count down to my dreams! So yeah I set myself in a week time to get that old bike fixed, hence, the App will also have a week time to build a castle just to keep me going!!
I realized the castle is moving pretty fast, and I haven’t even change one wheel!!???? Come on I can’t lose! I must fix my bike before the castle completes!
Don’t just look at the castle though! Work on your own things!



所以我找到了Nikon dreamcntdown,將自己的"維修腳踏車"任務設定為一個星期後達成App隨即也會開始趕工興建一座城堡,當然完成時間也是一個星期以後。

Written by aFreer