DAMN!! Mission impossible!!/我的不可能的任務!!

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  • 10 五月 12

It’s now the perfect spring hot season where all the hibernation animals come out and hunt for food… But what am I doing?! I literally just want to stay in my duvet and sleep forever!! No good no good!!
It’s funny because none of the alarms in the markets work for me! Seriously! I shut them up with just one tap with my finger! Hahahaha! Stupid isn’t it!?
I don’t think I should continue being so lazy, so ever since I used this mission impossible alarm App, I swear I wake up with some real energy now! Well, I have no choice! I have a lot of missions to break through guys, it’s fun though!
So yeah! I am up! I am actually awake on time!! Oohooo!! Not even I can believe that lol



Written by aFreer