Dude! I’ve got a DJ in my car!/我的車上有個專屬DJ小弟!

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  • 25 五月 12

Nobody can drive without music right? Especially for the long distance drive! It’s so easy to fall asleep while driving on highway!!
So my way is to turn the music to the loudest possible so it keeps me awake for a while! So this turning volume up and down steps repeats a lot when I drive!
But it’s very dangerous to choose songs while driving, it’s just not safe! Especially with my fat fingers, I sometimes have to press one button twice or so to get to the right song, so most times I get the person sitting next to me to do it for me! But problem is when I drive by myself, how does that work then…..
Ever since I started using “Cartunes”, I feel I’m quite happy with it! It totally fits in with my current driving situation!! It’s so easy to control my music now even when I drive alone! I think of it as my own DJ haha!! With one swipe, volume! Music! All in my hand!! I don’t have to worry about the dangerous problem anymore 🙂


現在我開車可以隨意地聽音樂也不會危險了~ ^___^


Written by aFreer