Get your ass down!!/ 都給我乖乖坐好!!

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  • 25 五月 12

There is a something about my room that when kids come in, they get extremely crazy!!! Or maybe they just love playing in my room!!
But it gets to my nerves sometimes when they keep on asking for food, or keep on breaking or mess around with my stuff…. So I always have to think of something to keep them quiet and concentrated at.. so drawing comes first, then it’s cartoons.
When these activities aren’t attractive to them anymore, they will turn crazy and noisy again!!!!
So!! I’ve recently found a new way to shut them up and it really saved my life!!! All I have to do is give them lots of color papers, they will sit there silently like they’ve never been in my room.
They rather enjoy it! They get excited how great they will do I guess!! So I play the paper fold with them, I just follow the steps on the app, it’s pretty simple!! So whenever those kids get crazy in my room….. I know what to do next time lol
They will be in their own little world then!



Written by aFreer