I am a professional FAN!!/我可是專業粉絲!!

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  • 18 五月 12

I absolutely love concerts! Every time I see those big professional boards held with plenty of fans, I always get jealous and wish I had one too lol
I was once in a small show, and I saw the singer pointing at a fan, and replied “ I love you too!! “, I realized she was pointing at the iPad that had letters running in it!! I flipped!! Why didn’t I bring my iPad I had that in mind lol
I went to The Cranberries concert last month, hey! I didn’t forget my iPad this time!! I typed in “I love the cranberries“, and when she was singing ZOMBIE, I changed the words to IN YOUR HEAD~ IN YOUR HEAD~~~ ZOMBIE!!ZOMBIE!! haha it was damn fun!!!!
I swear I caught Dolores’ eyes during the concert hahahahaha!!! She was  definitely looking at me lol


我不單可以打上老掉牙的 I LOVE The Cranberries!!
還跟著他唱的歌馬上打上新口號,IN YOUR HEAD ~~IN YOUR HEAD ~~~ZOMBIE !!! ZOMBIE!!!

Written by aFreer