I don’t have the whole day okay!! Food!!/我不要浪費時間找餐廳了

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  • 31 五月 12

I normally have dinner with my colleagues or friends after work, so few days ago me and my friends were heading to the central to the restaurant where we usually go and love, but it was a nightmare…. It wasn’t open!!! :(:( We didn’t have any clue where to go, we only knew our stomachs were screaming for food!!!!
I then looked at the time on my phone, an idea came through, I know I have an app that searches restaurants for us!! It also showed other people’s comments of the food, most importantly it has GPS!! Haha!! It saved us time from calling and looking for address!! It’s too convenient!!
So we ended up in a really nice Japanese restaurant that the app recommended us lol
No starving for me anymore after work!! Great help!!!



Written by aFreer