I had a fight with WEREWOLF!!/我跟狼人打過架!屌吧!

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  • 31 五月 12

How can designers not love going to exhibitions? Lol
I love exhibitions, all sorts of exhibitions! I went to one not long ago actually, and it was about all the oversea great artists’ “ Trick Art Show” !!
It’s all about illusions!! It kind of confuses you of what you are seeing lol… what’s real? What’s not? It even has interactions with people!!!
I took lots of interesting photos in the show, one of the photo was of me trying to fight over the werewolf from the window!!!!! But obviously it was just me playing around with… a boring wall!! It was my illusion, and it only happens in a specific angle!! Cool!!!
I was really inspired and excited with this exhibition!!! So I played with “Kinotopic” app! It’s really fun! I can be really creative and fake some stuff so people won’t know if it’s real or not lol
It’s great because there is a space specifically for those who created fun videos with kinotopic to upload their great outcome!!
Be creative guys!!!! Have a go making your own creation!!!




Written by aFreer