I sing just as good as Mariah Carey! No joke! lol/我是音痴!但!!我還是有機會成為歌手!

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  • 29 六月 12

You wish you sang like Mariah Carey? Michael Jackson? Yes! I wish I sang like them! Or even had their amazing vocals!!!
Life is unfair sometimes though lol… I hate singing!!! Not because I don’t love this activity… it’s really all about me can’t sing! Hahaha!
I remember the whole class would laugh at me when I sing and the only subject I failed was “music”!!! I have no comment to that still up til now!!
Flashing back 3 years ago, I spent about 3 months to practice a song that I’d sing for my girl friend on her birthday, and the day finally arrived… it’s a pity! Because I was only half way of my song, she said “ stop!! Please!!!”…….
Honestly, I envy those who can sing well, I wish one day I could sing a song properly and nicely…!! “Songify” kind of gave me the hope!! wow!! I couldn’t believe that was my voice!! I can sing!!!…
Okay! it’s not really me singing with the right keys and tunes, but I am still satisfied!!!! Hahahah!!! Yayayaya!!!


生日當天,歌還沒唱完,她就跟我說 ”Stop! Please!“⋯(哭)
最近看到新程式 ” Songify ”的推出,抱者好奇的心來嘗試看看!
“天阿! 這真的是我的聲音嗎?“


Written by aFreer