I’m good friends with MOZART now!!/爸爸媽媽 我變聰明了

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  • 13 六月 12

We’ve recently added a new member to our family, my brother’s baby!! I’m not a baby fan, but I rather love him now lol
I heard about this, pregnant women or little babies should listen to Mozart’s music to help increasing the babies’ IQ!! So they get smarter!!! I hope that’s true!
So we now keeps the classical music channel on in the baby room, but the only thing is we can’t be sure if it’s Mozart’s or not?! And sometimes the baby wakes up with horrible opera music hahaha!! So he starts crying instead… oh nooo…
I thought about this app I downloaded, it’s a music app that I get to pick who I want to listen to! Mozart’s music is now always on track in the baby’s room!!! It’s free as well!!
Let’s keep this baby SMART!!! Yay!!


還好我想到了好久以前下載的 App!!

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