I’m not a monster! But I really have 3 ears!/我的第三隻耳朵出現了!

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I listen to a lot of music, mainly because I love music and I love composing music, so I have a lot of music in my brain from time to time!
And sometimes I have this problem that I get annoyed with myself when I hear or mumble a song, I just can’t think of the name or the singer of the song!!!!
It’s so frustrating!! It’s even worse when I continue to feel that I have to remember this song! L
No worries now!! I’ve recently found my helper! When I tap it! All the answers shows up in front of me!! Hahaha!!
Music from radio, music from mind, soundhound gets all the answers for me right away!! It’s so smart!! So so so smart!! I absolutely need it!!
Hopefully soundhound can recognize my own music in the future?? Lol okay it’s I love composing and I wish I could have an album lol


不管我哼哼唱也好,在車上聽到廣播放好聽的歌也好,sound hound就是可以準確的告訴我誰是誰!有夠聰明的伙伴!
真希望以後自己做的曲子也可以被sound hound記載!哈哈哈!純粹是我自己想出專輯啦!!哈哈哈!

Written by aFreer