It never rains in my world!YAY!/我的世界沒有雨天!耶!

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  • 18 五月 12

Humans are always thinking to conquer the nature, they think of climbing, think of crossing the ocean and thinking of flying up high!
All these adventures are just for the moment that all creatures in the world would believe and prove that we are the soul of everything.
However, the nature of the vast impermanence always declares to us how small and ignorant humans are! I really don’t want to think that’s true!
Guess what! Few days ago I downloaded the App – Better weather!! I proved to myself that I am now with 100% confidence to tell the creatures in the world, WE ARE THE SOUL OF EVERYTHING! OMNIPOTENT!
I turned the moon in London upside down, enlarged the sun 10 times bigger in Japan, then I made the dark clouds disappear in the US!!
I control the weather now!! Haha!
Compare with those normal and boring weather Apps, this is so much better! So much fun!
Although I know I am never gonna be like the Storm woman in Xmen, but I think this is good enough for me for now lol!!!


但幾天前下載了Better weather的App後,我就知道人類又向大自然再次證明我們是萬能的了。


Written by aFreer