Let’s share our shit here!/我跟著世界鬼吼鬼叫!

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  • 18 五月 12

When I get frustrated from time to time, I tend to open up this App on my phone and spread out my craps, and I feel better! Amazing App!
It’s a world’s “rubbish talk” space; you get to choose different channels from different countries, I realized a lot of people talk shit on here, propose, or sing haha!! It might sound stupid to you but I truly believe this can help a lot of you when you are facing your present worries!!
It’s quite on track in Taiwan at the moment; it’s like our little channel, the channel in China apparently is quite boring as I heard lol whereas for the European areas I hear a lot of people screaming.. sounded like they were partying or something!
Well! Different lifestyles different fun yea! It’s really cool guys!! have a go!! Share your shits!


你可以選擇不同國家的頻道,有一大堆人在上面發牢騷 說廢話 告白 唱歌(有些國家還有分類ex:廢話 愛情 唱歌),聽起來好像很白癡但我絕對相信這個東西可以幫助很多人解決當前的無助,用完之後有點小小感動啊!
我想應該是在party + ing吧…畢竟國情不同,大家有空也可以玩玩看,真的挺有趣的。

Written by aFreer