My own V.I.P lounge!/我的指甲油貴賓室!

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What do we do in summer? We wear nice bright colored clothes for the summer arrival! YES!! For girls… we can’t miss out coloring our nails!! The color really decides my day lol
I hardly buy any nail polish but if I do… wow.. I get lots!! Of course they don’t all suit me that nicely lol I have this thing that I don’t like trying it on in the shop though, it feels weird! So mom always yells at me for wasting money LTo avoid arguing with her, I use this O.P.I. App!! They’re so smart! It’s like my nail color trying lounge!! I adjust it to the right skin color and tested all colors!!! Amazing!
I recently tried a pink! Then I bought it lol it’s so pretty!! Thank god I don’t have to waste money anymore!!
It’s amazing that I can always go in to my V.I.P lounge to try on the colors!! I am sure this App is going to be one popular lounge for all girls!! Hahaha!! Summer!!!
Hey! Can you guys do one that’s for our toes? Lol we’ll really need that!!


因為我的手並不白,不是擦什麼顏色都好看 L 自然而然的那些不適合我的顏色就會被忽略,媽媽就會罵我浪費錢!!
為了可以省錢又一次就可以買到適合自己膚色的指甲油,我發現了O.P.I App!!它們好聰明喔!它現在就是我試指甲油顏色的專屬櫃台!哈哈哈!我調到吻合我膚色的手然後開始全部都試試!耶!
對了…. 如果做一個是可以試用在腳指甲上的那就更完美囉!畢竟在店裡還真的不能試用在腳上呢!O.P.I.看你的囉!

Written by aFreer