Recipe of the day?! I’m my own restaurant!/我不想再煩惱每天要吃什麼了拜託!!!

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  • 13 六月 12

I get those moments when I just can’t think of where to eat, so I thought about attending some cooking classes so I can just make whatever I like to eat in future! The problem is that the class is too expensive for me!! So I thought I’ll just find some recipes to do some testing for the start lol!!
There are a lot of recipes on the Internet but wow!! There are a lot on the app stores too!! It’s really running fast with the technology!! But most of them are in English, so I had to keep looking for a Chinese version! So I found one!! So smart!!
It gives you a “recipe of the day” each day!! I get to choose what I want to eat and I get to search for different matches, it shows you every single step!! The best thing about this app is that I can save all those ingredients into the shopping cart!! So next time I can just go to supermarket without worrying what to buy!!
This app is great for me! I’m sure for those who loves cooking too!!


網路上的食譜很多,再加上 App 的食譜也不少!真是太符合潮流趨勢了!
可惜幾乎都是英文版的,好不容易找到一個中文的食譜 App 是康寶出的,
其實跟之前介紹過的 3M App 有異曲同工之妙啊!
即使你用 iPhone 也不會讓你眼花,本人超推這個 App!!!

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