Stop wasting my time!! TAX!! Arghh!!/我在也不想浪費時間報稅了!

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  • 25 五月 12

It’s May now…. Paying tax is one big hassel… but it’s a must do thing…. You have any idea how much time I have to spend just to pay a damn tax?!
Last year I applied for a Citizen Digital Certificate where I only spent 5 minutes to do the tax, it really saved me from queuing for the whole afternoon!!
However! This year!!! This year!! I thank the great technology!! I can do tax on my phone!!! Sitting in my room with air conditioning on lol and it took me 1 minute at most!! Amazing!! But it’s not perfect yet… it’s only for android… why?!?! Half of the world uses iPhone!!!!!! Come on!!!!! Tax!!!
I hope next year I can spend 30 secs only!! But… guys.. wouldn’t it be better if I never have to pay tax, that’s easier right!! hahaha


今年我發現了更方便的東西(多虧了科技發達),我竟然在手機上發現了報稅app軟體,讓我直接用智慧型手機就可以報稅,前後只花了我一分鐘,真是太神奇了傑克!(缺點是只有Android作業系統版本,WHY?? 用iphone的人很多耶!)

Written by aFreer