What’s wrong with housewives? It’s not LOTTERY mom!!/主婦殺手!我媽淪陷了!

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  • 25 五月 12

We all know how popular it is to download apps on our smart phones nowadays! So many companies or brands even use app to promote their products or advertisements, and of course 3M is on the list! 3M created an app to promote their products.
What’s fun about this app is that whenever I opened the app, I get a number ball just like those lottery on TV.
It’s like those game where you can pull the bar and they’ll pick their lucky person today to collect a 3M product, another words it means there are two chances of getting the price!! A few people actually received them!! This is absolutely a heaven for my mom who everyday asks us to turn off the light, unplug the plugs blah blah blah…etc.. it’s perfect for her so she can try get free things everyday!! And 3M actually provides some expensive stuff like a water-cleaner for today, that costs at least 26800 NT dollars!!!
So what me and my brother’s job now at home is not to unplug the plugs or turn off the lights anymore, we are constantly on this app and trying to get some goods for mom!!! I know its perfect for housewives!! But it’s not lottery mom!!!




Written by aFreer