When my cat meets Steve Jobs?/我又愛又恨的貓咪!

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  • 18 五月 12

People have pets at home so that they don’t get bored, so I have one myself! I love cats!! They act like as one of my best friend in my daily life!
My cat is so cute! No need to buy expensive food and presents for her! I don’t really need to walk her like people walk the dog everyday! Haha! But one thing that really drives me mad is that she constantly wants my attention to play with her!!!!
Sometimes I just use those cat sticks to play with her, but being a workaholic person, I sometimes just don’t have spare time to play with her! What do I do now? I figured a way guys! She might as well play my iPad haha!! Cat toy is great for my cat! Catch the rats!! Yayaya!! It really worked! She gets absolutely exhausted afterwards and she enjoys it lol
So I don’t have to worry about not being able to be with her at all time now lol!! But one thing! I hope iPad will never be scratched… by a cat lol
I still love her lol


貓有說不盡的優點,貓可愛,貼心,不需要花錢請牠吃大餐,不用送牠昂貴的禮物,甚至不用像狗一樣帶牠去外面散步, 唯獨一個缺點,牠會無所不用其極的吵着要我陪牠玩。
後來我想到一個辦法:讓貓去玩我IPAD裡的cat toy!抓老鼠囉!消耗牠體力及注意力,結果還真的安靜不吵了這樣我就可以放心的工作不會被貓打擾了!(只是要擔心牠把我的IPAD抓花)

Written by aFreer